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May 2nd 2004
The band has requested to take off vocal clip from the Music section for reworking.  A new clip shall be up for listeners as soon as it is completed.
April  30th 2004
Vocals are almost done on the demo.  For the time being; a clip of "Wind Up Toys" has been posted in the music section.
April  18th 2004
A three song demo will be available at the upcoming shows beginning in May as well as t-shirts.  Songs included on the demo are "Violate"  "No Shelter" and "Wind-Up Toys"
March 30th 2004
A 3rd clip has been posted into the music section.  A revamped version of the 3rd track.
March 28th 2004
Aorta recorded 5 songs over this weekend.  Two clips have been made available in the music section of the website. 
March 20th 2004
Aorta opens up for Walk Through Walls at the Brickhouse in Houma. 
February 28th 2004
The show at Mainstream went successfully.  Smoke 8 opened up with a beautiful melodic set.  Next up, GraveChild got people kicking the shit out of each other with their metal.  Big thanks two both bands for coming out.  Aorta closed out their with "Nocturnal"  Thanks to crowd for the participation during the entire set. 
February 27th 2004
Aorta plays at Mainstreet in Lafayette with Ill.  The set ended with a new song titled "Hollowed"
February 22nd 2004
The band has booked studio time for mid-March to record a demo cd.  The recording will be done at 8th Floor Studios in New Orleans.
February 13th 2004
GraveChild opens up with a great heavy set at The Dream Machine.  Big thanks to those guys for th support.  Although there was a delay during the soundcheck for Aorta due to a guitar error; the show resumed.  Aorta played a seven song setlist including a new song called "Pushing Edision"
The show at the Brickhouse with Walk Through Walls has been rescheduled and will be on March 20th.
More photos added  and changed on the website.
February 8th 2004
New shows have been posted for February.  Look for the band with their new line-up and listen in for new songs that have been added to the setlist.
January 23rd 2004
After a band not being able to make the show at Mainstream tonight, Aorta gets a last minute call to fill in there slot.  A seven song set was played which ended with a demo of "Parasite Colition"
Aorta schedules a show on the 28th of February at Mainstream.  Supporting acts will be announced shortly.
January 21th 2004
Aorta welcomes Lance into the band.  We will be currently reworking our complete setlist and will return to the live scene mid-Febuary. 
January 11th 2004
A clip of "Choke You" has been posted in the Music section of the site.
January 10th 2004
Aorta opens up for Vertical Edge at the Evergreen Cajun Center.  Though short, performance went exceptionally well and has been professionally recorded.  Special thanks to the many, many support from all the crew.
The band will be taking time out to add more songs to the current setlist. 
More shows will be posted shortly.

January 1st 2004
The first day of the new year ended off with Aorta playing the Bengal Lounge in New Orleans.  The setlist went as follows:
"Choke You"
"Message In a Bottle"
"Woman in a Box"

~End of 2003~

December 27th
Aorta plays Mainstream along with Walk Through Walls and others.  A seven song set was performed which included a debut of yet another new song titled "Mutter"

December 21st
Aorta closed the night out at Mainstream along with Second String and Smoke 8th.  Performed new song "Pony"
December 4th
Gig scheduled for January 10th opening up for Vertical Edge at Evergreen Hall for Martial Arts Fitness Extravaganza.  Will be presented by Master Faye & Pitbull Productions.
The December 12th show at Mainstream with Walk Through Walls as been pushed back until the 27th.
November 28th
Aorta plays at Mainstream Music with Walk Through Walls.
Setlist included:
"Choke You"
"Message in a Bottle"
"Woman in a Box"
November 25th
Aorta debuts early with a surprise set during Tuesday's Jam Night at the Brickhouse.